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Our Clients

Experienced and diverse…

From private residences to big companies, we have 30 years worth of design experience under our belts. We’ve done consulting, landscape designs, maintenance, and more… What they all have in common is our eye for detail and unique, modern Japanese design aesthetic.

Below are some projects that we are most proud of! We hope you enjoy them as much as our clients do.

Current Projects

  • Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach, CA and Hawthorne, CA
  • Point Loma Nazarene University – Prescott Chapel – San Diego, CA
  • Zen garden maintenance at the US Naval Hospital in Camp Pendleton, CA

Notable Public & Commercial Projects

  • Consultation and maintenance contract at Golden Door Spa
  • Zen garden installations at Marriott Hotel and Marina in downtown San Diego, CA
  • City of San Diego / Port of San Diego’s Jury Selected San Diego Sculpture Show, Oct 2006
  • Special landscape inspector (as private consultant) for Water Department of the City of San Diego, 2001-2005
  • City of San Diego, Balboa Park Rose Garden Renovation, May 2003
  • Marriott Hotel Marquis & Marina

    Located next to the convention center in downtown San Diego, the Marriott is a hub of families, business people, and tourists looking for a second home away from home. After a busy conference schedule or day touring San Diego sights, hotel guests can relax in this tranquil getaway. We built this stone seating area as...
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  • Carrier Residence

    Lush Japanese garden and stream
    How many of us can boast a personal backyard paradise? The Carriers requested moving water in their garden, so we designed and installed a 50-foot long stream. It meanders and winds itself around their backyard, the sound of rushing water soothing as it reaches your ears. Black pine and Japanese maple stand proudly above us...
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  • Naval Hospital at Camp Pendleton

    Water ripple and red maple leaves in sand at Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital
    Peace and healing... Zen gardens were originally created as a point of focus for meditating Buddhist monks. The designs in the sand were meant to imitate the peaceful motion of water ripples. For the Naval Hospital, we use our eye for the contemporary and traditional to create different designs each month. The curves and lines give...
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  • Bronner Residence

    Slate and natural stone walkway at Bronner residence
    Welcome home... One of the nicest clients we've had the pleasure to design for! They requested a Japanese-style garden to greet guests as they walked up to their door. The walkway was created with gray slate and contains natural stone accents -- all meticulously measured and carved. As guests arrive at the door, they are...
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  • Private Residence in Diamond Bar, CA

    Relax with the koi... Relaxation was the keyword for this project. The residents wanted a natural-looking koi pond that they can enjoy as they walked in their garden. Azaleas, asparagus ferns, and rosemary are all sprinkled throughout the garden and creates a lush environment to set the pond in. Flagstone-and-pebble steps lead right up to...
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  • Private Residence in La Jolla, CA

    A natural getaway... The existing architecture of the private residence is very modern and contemporary. Although beautiful on its own, the client wanted their yard to be a retreat from their hectic lives. Our design uses many natural elements and curves to off-set the very straight lines of their house's contemporary architecture. A granite orb...
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  • Private Residence #2 in La Jolla, CA

    Less is more... Simple elements together to form clean and natural lines. This private couple wanted a natural yet contemporary water feature for their backyard. For this purpose, we designed a koi pond that uses simple straight lines while still using very organic and earthy materials. Materials Marble granite boulder Gray slate for the pond's...
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