Combining Modern Design and Zen to Create Lasting Peace


Elegance, peace, and tranquility… Three key elements to a beautiful Japanese garden vacation, right in your own home.

Below is a selection of different designs we have done for clients in the past 30 years. Please enjoy!

Peaceful seating area and path

Japanese Garden Walls

Accentuating beauty…

Intricate flagstone entryway

Path to home

Hand-crafted water and stone

Friends, family, and a personal… stream?

Garden within a garden

Victorian Revamp

Traveling Koi Pond

Modern Koi Pond

The Perfect Home for Koi

Forest Clearing… in Your Backyard!

Koi Pond with Boulder Accent

Black Granite Water Basin

Bridge Overlooking Koi Pond

Backyard Paradise

Elegant Koi Pond

Soothing Bamboo Water Fountain

A Pond and Ocean View

Del Mar Garden Exhibition

Vanishing Edge Pond

Backyard Stream and Koi Pond

Waterfall and stone lantern

Natural Stone Pathway

Hand-carved Natural Basin

Contemporary Japanese Courtyard

Lush Koi Pond

Beautiful Japanese Garden

Desert Zen Garden and Path

Modern Japanese Garden and Koi Pond

Miniature Zen Garden

Japanese Garden and Walkway

Tranquil Japanese Garden

The art of the mosaic

Elegant Japanese Stone Paths

Custom, hand-made stone pots and fountains

Indoor Zen Garden

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