Zen RainChain without rain

  • Zen RainChain “ZRC” works without rain
  • Soothing natural water sound
  • Aesthetic effect
  • Relaxing and healing effect
  • Almost no maintenance
  • ZRC can be custom designed and installed as a custom art piece
  • ZRC is sold as a kit package for self installation

Zen RainChain is a custom-designed water feature that offers a unique and soothing natural water sound without rain, and can be installed indoor or outdoor to create a striking garden element or art piece.

The rain chain is hand crafted by Japanese artisans and then packed and shipped carefully to us.

For the completed water feature, we include the stainless steel supporting post, reservoir, pump and programmed timer and a remote controlled on/off switch 

We can also custom design and incorporate the Zen RainChain into your business, home, or garden.

The cascading water creates a beautiful addition to any location.

Relaxing, soothing and healing!

Enjoy the soothing sound without rain

Typical applications

Public and commercials

  • Parks
  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Hospitals, hospices
  • Libraries
  • Hotels
  • Office complexes
  • Shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Nursing homes
  • Gardens

Residential suggestions



  • Front entries
  • Under the patio covers
  • Garden areas
  • At the rain gutters
  • Others

Zen RainChain can be installed in the front entries, lobbies, walkways and garden areas.

Create a beautiful garden for you and your guests!