What We Do

Design & Consultation

We specialize in contemporary Japanese gardens (modern Zen gardens), which can include koi ponds, custom water and stone features, sculptures, and mosaics. Each garden and landscape is designed with water-saving, eco-friendly features by default.

Our custom designs are just that–custom! We consult and work with each client personally to create a modern Zen garden to fit not only your needs, but the needs of the surrounding environment, your garden space, and your aesthetic. Our award-winning designs have been featured in several magazines.


Our expert team has worked with Kohei for years installing his designs. Their attention to detail means they have a great eye not only for individual pieces but for the overall artistic presentation as well.


Traditional Japanese Gardens with a Modern Twist

Serenity… grace… simplicity…

Our traditional Japanese gardens provide just that.

Minimal use of natural resources, water, stone, and native plants are a hallmark of Japanese design. And they’re naturally environmentally friendly!

  • Eco-friendly with minimal use of resources
  • Designs inspired by tradition and contemporary designs
  • Perfect for home and business

Meditation and Healing Gardens

Break out of the stress of your modern life and step right into your own peace and tranquility.

Throughout the centuries, artists and poets have tried to express the beauty and healing power of the natural world, and now, there’s even research to back up what we’ve already known–Nature heals.

In “Notes on the Universality of Japanese Garden Principles,” David Slawson, Ph.D, writes that being in a Japanese garden allows us to exercise our minds gently, while, more importantly, healing our minds from “directed attention fatigue.” Time in a garden heals through tranquility and allows us to feel part of the world without feeling overpowered by it.

So walk that winding garden path… or sit on that stone bench, placed where you can enjoy the changes of your garden as the seasons and years go by. Feel. Breathe.

  • Meditative gardens shown to combat compassion fatigue and burnout in caretakers
  • De-stresses and calms the mind
  • Natural features, tranquil environment

Zen Gardens/”Dry” Gardens

When you hear the word “Zen”, what pops up into your head? Monks sitting silently for hours at a time? Meticulously maintained Bonsai trees?

Zen gardens were originally made for and by Buddhist monks who needed a quiet space for meditation. It can be used as a healing space to calm both body and mind.

It’s dry because there is minimal or NO use of water in the garden. Sand is raked to mimic the look of ripples in the water.

Religious or not, there is no doubt that Zen gardens are good for the soul. Entering a Zen space immediately centers you so you can enjoy the present moment. Forget your work e-mails and your constantly ringing phone… Zen gardens help you focus on YOU.

  • Easy maintenance — no huge water bill!
  • Beautiful tranquility for you and guests
  • Traditional and peaceful
zen dry stone work

Koi Ponds

There’s nothing more iconic in a Japanese garden than the majestic koi pond.

Koi — “carp” in Japanese — is a symbol of power and majesty, and having koi in your garden brings good fortune and prosperity to your household. And they’re pretty to look at!

  • State-of-the-art filtration system to reduce water waste and contaminants
  • Lively addition to your home
  • Gives you a peaceful activity when feeding the koi!

Custom Water & Stone Features

Every piece of land is different — the soil, the weather, the water… All of our designs are created to fit your surrounding environment, which means you’ll get something unique every time.

  • Unique designs to fit your personality and environment!
  • Bring the best of nature into your home or business


My sculptures have been featured in several commercial locations and private residences. From vases to massive water features, the sculptures range in size, shape, and color. Since each stone is naturally shaped differently from each other, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind art piece!

  • Stone: The natural “paint” of the world with different colors, shapes, textures, and sizes.
  • Sculpted to fit your space and needs


Colorful and beautiful, mosaics are a traditional Byzantine art. With modern designs and a hint of Japanese Zen influence, add a pop of color to your interior or architectural design. We’ve done whimsical designs — butterfly or whale tail — and accent pieces.

  • Enhance indoor or outdoor settings
  • Add a hidden accent to your garden or landscape!
  • Traditional with modern Zen aesthetic

Create a beautiful garden for you and your guests!

Koi ponds, waterfalls, stone sculptures, fountains, Zen gardens… we’ve done it all. By using natural elements like water and stone, we can give you a relaxing environment that takes you away from your modern life.

From small installations to all-out garden designs, we can provide sculptural accent pieces or a modern Zen garden getaway for your home.

Our garden retreats have been featured in Home & Garden magazine, and our public installations have been used to create eye-catching and serene spots at hotels and parks.